Appartement Hofmann in Königsleiten

Handmade ski by Roland Hofmann

ski1The Woodcarver is a top quality product in skiing technology and is made 100% by hand in Roland Hoffmanns’ workshop.  

The heart of the ski consists of a highly sophisticated wooden core from Switzerland.

Carbon, kevlar and different types of fibreglass encase the wooden core and ensure a stable ski is produced. 

Thanks to the design and development of the dual-radius system, the ski, depending on the application of pressure, is suitable for both long and short turns.  

The ski can be tested at any time in our ski rental.

The veneer can be selected on request. Either with plastic protective coating or oiled. 

On request the ski can be engraved (On request and technical practicality).

100% Handmade in Austria!
Price: 1399.- without engraving

Animation of our Handmade-Skis



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