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Bauernmarkt in Königsleiten Zillertal Arena

Farmers’ market, Open-air concert & Farmers’ harvest festival

Walder farmers’ market
(From the  26th of June to the  4th of September 2015)
Every friday our farmers provide you with delicacies from local farms. Depending on the season different products are offered. Buy directly from the farmers, pure nature!
When/ Where:  From 7.30pm in the village square in Wald in Pinzgau.   

Our traditional music concert 
(From the 26th of June to the 4th of September 2015)
If you hear the sound of trombones, flugelhorns and trumpets, then it is once again time for the open air concert. During the concert, drink a schnapps or a cold bier and have an enjoyable evening.
When / Where: At 8.00pm at the pavilion.

At some concerts we offer additional programs such as performances from the ‘Schuhplattler’ (traditional dancers in alpine regions), folk dancers and singers. Additionally, there is face painting and a bouncy castle for the children. 

Traditional festival with the ceremonial bringing down of cattle from mountain pastures and horse-drawn carts on the 12th of September 2015
From 11.00am in the village square in Walder
Horse and carts, wrestling, petting zoo, goats and small animals, folk dancers, traditional music concert, dance music, horse shows, big farmers market, weave baskets, make shingles, sheep’s wool products and hay animals, various market stalls, crystals and minerals, wood carvings, fruit and vegetables, beekeeping products, children’s program, guessing games with great prizes, leg wrestling etc.
This farmers’ harvest festival takes place in any weather!!!

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